COVID19: Nigeria added 626 cases of Coronavirus

Nigeria cases of the known Novel corona-virus keep increasing day by day according to NCDC report.

626 new cases of COVID19:

State with rate infect:

  1. Lagos-193
  2. FCT-85
  3. Oyo-41
  4. Edo-38
  5. Kwara-34
  6. Abia-31
  7. Ogun-29
  8. Ondo-28
  9. Rivers-26
  10. Osun-21
  11. Akwa Ibom-18
  12. Delta-18
  13. Enugu-15
  14. Kaduna-13
  15. Plateau-11
  16. Borno-8
  17. Bauchi-7
  18. Adamawa-5
  19. Gombe-4
  20. Sokoto-1

As at 2nd of July 2020, there are 27,110 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 10,801 discharged and 616 dead.

DID YOU KNOW NCDC does not own quarantine or treatment centers?

This is the responsibility of the State Government or relevant teaching hospital.

NCDC provides:
- Guidance on set-up of standard isolation centres
- National case management guidelines, and
- Training to health workers

COVID19 spreads through tiny droplets, that comes out when we sneeze or cough.

Notice: People who are 60 years + & those with underlying health conditions like hypertension, diabetes & asthma should protect themselves because, they are at a higher risk of getting infected with COVID19.

Cloth masks are a convenient substitute to medical masks but they should NOT be worn by individuals who are at a high risk for complications. Handle them properly to avoid the spread of COVID19.

Face-shields without  face-mask are not effective in COVID19 prevention.

Face-shield is not a fashion accessory & must be combined with a mask to provide significant protection. Face shield protects only the face but face-mask
curbs the spread of respiratory droplets.

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