one year now as Ohemaa Mercy has left her matrimonial home - Ghanaian Artiste

Controversial Ghanaian media personality Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa aka Afia Schwarzenegger has alleged that award-winning gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy's marriage has collapsed for almost a year now.

In a video released on her YouTube page, Afia Schwarzenegger alleged that the 'Edin Jesus' hit-maker packed her belongings from her matrimonial home two days after her annual Tehilla Experience Concert in August 2019.
Ohemaa Mercy and her estranged husband, Mr Isaac Twum-Ampofo
Ohemaa Mercy and her estranged Husband

"Ohemaa Mercy left her marital home in August two days after her Tehilla Concert. If only the information is correct then coming August will be exactly one year she left her home. The man has claimed lordship over the house. The children were also not allowed to see her, until recently."

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, the husband of Ohemaa Mercy, Mr. Isaac Twum-Ampofo, is alleged to have cheated on his wife with some of her backup singers.

"Information available indicates that Ohemaa Mercy caught her husband having sex with her backup artiste a day to her Tehilla Concert," she said in the Twi dialect.

Mr. Isaac Twum-Ampofo, according to the media personality, is also feeding bloggers with news that he believes he's not the real father of their third child.

"But Ohemaa Mercy's husband threatened her. He's going around telling bloggers that his wife has cheated on him. And he believes their last born is not his."
Trying so much to cripple his wife, Afia claimed, the man made a quick to register Tehilla Experience in his name, although he is not a musician.

Not only that, she alleged that Mr. Isaac Twum-Ampofo has also taken access to all her social media pages, with the excuse that he created the pages for her in the capacity as a manager.
"He has gone a step further to register Tehilla Experience...Also if you don't hear from Ohemaa Mercy on social media, it's because her husband claims he opened the accounts for her. The man has also claimed ownership of the house,"
she added.

The couple who have been married for almost 18 years have 3 children together.

According to GhanaWeb report,  Right now the independently cannot be confirm to the veracity of the allegations.

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