WWE legend The Undertaker explains how he fixed his nose in the ring after Rey Mysterio broke it

WWE legendary star The Undertaker has narrated how he suffered a broken nose in the hands of Rey Mysterio during a tense bout back in 2010.

The meeting was among the four the two superstars squared off on WWE television during their illustrious wrestling career.

SunSport reports Taker picked the horror injury midway through their fight on a SmackDown episode.

Speaking during an Instagram Live video, the 55-year-old wrestler revealed the injury left him distraught and never wanted to open up about it.

Bizarrely, Taker - real name Mark Calaway, later picked up his nose to carry on with the fight albeit in pain.
"I sat up and I was like, 'Wow, I can see my nose,' because it was over here," he narrated.

"I grabbed my nose, I set my nose back and straightened it out the best I could, but when I got up there was three of them," he added.

But the broken nose and orbital bone coupled with a concussion did not stop the Deadman from winning the match as he went on to stage a dramatic comeback to pin down Rey in under a minute.

"I didn't need three of him, so I figured I'd go for the one in the middle," Taker said on the remarkable comeback.

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