"Why I go baff?" Yemi Alade Provokes on Tiktok

Yemi Alade is one Nigerian singer that is widely loved for her unique style of music but for the past two weeks, she has been at home doing nothing. 

The singer is tired of staying idle and has taken to social media to put boredom away. Like many other celebrities, twitter, Instagram and TikTok have been the rallying point since the lockdown began and they are not just doing a great job on these platforms.

Fans are yet to see the worst from the amazing singer Yemi Alade as she recently shared a weird post on her Instagram handle. It was a video that she made on Tiktok in which she expressed frustration at the lockdown and asked her fans rhetorically "why I go baff?". The celebrity felt that if all she had to do now is to sleep and wake doing nothing then there is no point in having her bath every day.

Since her TikTok account is still new and has only a few of her ardent followers compared to her Instagram handle, Yemi Alade shared the video to her Instagram handle to get more reactions from her fans. The post drew mixed reactions from her fans many of them were surprised to see the post in which she asked that weird question. As silly as the question appeared Yemi Alade, the shekere dance queen saw nothing wrong with that.

Fans of different celebrities have also been reacting to the series of weird videos, photos and comments coming from some of these celebrities fearing that they may be used against them by mischief makers when the lockdown ends. For many of them, the lockdown is the first experience of a difficult entertainment industry that they ever experienced so they are not aware of the damages that certain posts can do to their reputation.

Although celebrities can express themselves in a variety of ways, there is a limit to the extent to which such expressions can be overlooked.

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