"What is the Reason, Ask Your Friends", Has Tacha Gone Man?

Tacha has gone mad is the new trend on social media. It began after she shared a video in which she was inviting fans to watch her interview with a certain presenter. But it went wrong because of the way she was talking. Tacha appeared quite rough in the video and her incessant chatterbox way of talking was unbearable by her fans who started calling her names.

Right from her days in the Big Brother Naija house, Tacha has been very careless with words just as she did in that video. Tacha said things like "what is the reason" "ask your friends" and she mumbled lots of words in the video making her fans to be inpatient. She was probably inviting them to watch her interview where she talked about matters arising from the Covid19 pandemic.

The whole thing went out of track in the video as her composure and loud voice sent a wrong signal to fans and some of them began to wonder if Tacha was alright. Many of them stopped watching the video before it ended and resorted go abusing her in the comments. As expected the celebrity did not reply to any of the harsh comments because some of her fans will support her no matter what.

That is why some social media users are spreading rumours about Tacha's mental state which is still very perfect. The celebrity announced some days ago that she has plans to host a TV show when the lockdown is over. The young celebrity has leveraged on her opportunity at the BBNaija show to gain followers that have remained loyal to her.

She is counting on their support to make it all through to the top because as she once admitted, her fame should not be mistaken for wealth. Tacha who owns a TV station online and other platforms is poised to become one of the greatest Nigerian celebrities.

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