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What is Going on? Actress Omotola Jittery Over 5G Installation

Veteran actress and celebrity Omotola Jelade Ekehinde has frowned at the installation of 5G network in many parts of the world including South Africa. 
She expressed fears about what the installation means because of the serious implication that it has on security of individuals and private organizations that do not approve of the use of 5G.

The world is currently battling the deadly coronavirus pandemic and only a few people have the time and courage to talk about human right issues and morality like actress Omotola who is also called Omosexy by her fans.
She has been a keynote speaker at events for young entrepreneurs even though she is fast approaching 50 years.

Many people consider her as ever young and smart, no doubt she was among the first set of Nigerians to show concern in the mounting of 5G cables around the world. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic which has resulted in lockdown in major cities around the world, the major concern was discussions around 5G.

China, America and other world powers are directly involved in the 5G technology which will make access to privacy very free to owners of the devices. The tension which the recent wave of 5G debate has generated has also fueled some conspiracy theories which claim that the coronavirus pandemic was orchestrated by China and other world powers to implement the 5G technology globally with little resistance while the virus raged.

Omotola has expressed her fears and her fans are worried too. If someone far away in China can know what Nigerians do in my closet then the right to privacy has been violated and human freedom placed in jeopardy. The world would then fall from years of social civilization.

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