Timi Dakolo Warns Christians to Beware of Men of God

For the first time in a century making Christians in Nigeria cannot go to church for Easter programs for fear of being infected with the deadly coronavirus. Some pastors have also worsened the anxiety by frightening their followers through conspiracy theories. That is why singer Timi Dakolo is calling on Christians to have their own view from God and not their pastors.

You need to have your own relationship with God he said. The controversy that took place in 2019 is still very fresh in the minds of Nigerians when Timi Dakolo's wife Busola accused a popular Nigerian pastor of sexually molesting her while she was a teenager. The issue raised a serious problem in the media with many other celebrities joining the I stand with Busala campaign.

It did not take long before the matter got to court. However, Busola never got justice as it was difficult to prove that the pastor raped her many years back as claimed by her. That made her husband Timi Dakolo to become more sceptical about men of God. Years after the alleged sexual abuse, Busola remained a member of the church choir.

The ravaging coronavirus pandemic has also seen comments from pastors in Nigeria some of who have supported controversial theories which have caused confusion to many of their members. While some agree that the coronavirus is made by the Antichrist, others found the view too odd to adopt in the 21st century of science and technology. But the major perspectives on the issue have emanated from religious leaders.

Timi Dakolo wants Nigerians to get their information from God if possible and never totally rely on what so-called men of God have to say about the happenings. One will expect a person in Timi Dakolo's shoes to think this way because he has been hurt by what happened to his wife Busola.

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