Tacha - After Pandemic, I Will Turnup for Every Party

ExBBNaija celebrity Tacha cannot wait for the lockdown to be over so that she can attend as many parties as possible as she uses to before it began. 

At the moment, all Nigerian celebrities are at home except a few of them that have been trying in supporting the less privileged people, proving them with sanitary items and food which has become very important.

Tacha has always loved parties right from her days in the Big Brother Naija house where parties were held once in a while. It is a similar situation that most ex-members of the house are in at the moment.
They stayed in the house provided for many weeks without their phones or freedom to party and club.
They were monitored here and there and occasionally, images filter into the media of some housemates caught in some questionable act.

Tacha was also spotted at parties behaving wild just as she often does. She is a fun-lover who owes no one an explanation for her actions and her lifestyle.
But the current coronavirus crisis has greatly limited her from sharing outfit at events to sharing videos on her Instagram handle in which she danced or made some funny skits.
She has not taken the risk of organizing a party despite the lockdown even though she has built a reputation for breaking rules.

Like many celebrities that are tired of staying at home all day, Tacha is dreaming about returning to party life immediately after the lockdown. Her return to partying will not be usual this time but will be wild since she intends to make up for all the weeks that she could not attend parties.

Celebrities and show organizers are yet to reveal any plan of holding a big party for celebrities after the lockdown but there are speculations that plans are in place for that even though nobody knows when the Pandemic will end. Tacha's fans also share her views that they need to make up for the boring days and weeks with limitless partying after the Pandemic.

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