Singer Omawunmi Looks Like a Granny in This Photo

Celebrity singer Omawunmi may have lost all sense of makeup and style as a result of the lockdown which has lasted for more than two weeks in some states in Nigeria. Like many other celebrities she is now tired of talking about boredom and just want to keep her social media handle active until the lockdown is lifted. Since she is not a professional social media manager there have been so much ugly scenes on her handles and those of other female celebrities too.

Female celebrities in Nigeria often appear gorgeous in photos and even in public functions and performances making many fans especially ladies to want to look like them. They also made popular the idea of slaying and slay queen which went viral. Looking at the dress styles of most of these celebrities have made many fans to adore them as goddesses of beauty.

Singer Omawuni is also one of the celebrities that have endeared many fans. Born in the 80s the singer has managed to remain at the top after she attained fame some years ago. She is widely known for her bogus hairstyle which gives her that hot woman appeal. But all that seems fictitious as the lockdown and boredom has revealed a lot about her and many other celebrities.

Seeing Omawunmi in her natural hair is quite awful especially without makeup. The singer who was reported to have physically abused a reporter looked like someone who could do even worse. The lockdown meant that she has to stay indoors and it has affected her body size too. A fat granny looking Omawunmi appeared in a new photo shared on Instagram by the celebrity herself.

Her face was not as smooth and succulent as it appears in her public appearances rather it looked quite rough and Pail. The singer may have shared those photos by herself but it is doing some damage to her hard earned reputation since most of her fans are not just music lovers but fans who were drawn by her perceived good looks and exotic dress sense. This goes for most female celebrities too.

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