Yemi Alade - Haters Will Say That I am Not Reading (Photos)

It is odd to see a photo like this in Nigeria except in very awkward situations like this once in a lifetime lockdown. That is not the famous writer Chimamanda Adichie whose novel is widely read both in Nigeria and abroad. She is singer Yemi Slade the shekere dance queen who has been complying with governments directive for everyone to stay at home.

Staying at home has become the most popular way of preventing the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus. The virus which is no respecter of persons has kept many celebrities indoors for more than a week. Shows were cancelled and scheduled album release were postponed to ensure strict compliance with the directive.

Defaulters have also met stiff penalties from government authorities and boredom now rules in the home of most celebrities. From sharing crazy photos like Tiwa Savage who shared a video in which she wore her pants and a T-shirt to prepare food in the kitchen to loud complaints of poor power supply and network to watch movies on Netflix.

But even Netflix has not done the job for most celebrities as complaints of boredom are still very popular.
That is why singer Yemi Alade has decided to read a book on the political and spiritual icon Gandhi. Although there is no connection between her music style and Gandhi's philosophy, the ideas will keep her mind busy.

However, many of her fans do not think that she was actually reading the book. She probably decided to have a photo of herself looking at a book which must have been borrowed from a close relative. Yemi Alade knew that not many people will believe that she is reading but some fans believe because they think that boredom could drive celebrities to do amazing things.

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