Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka talks about her addiction to Porn and Masturbation

Nollywood actress, Destiny Amaka has opened up about her addiction to Porn and Masturbation.

She opened up under a comment section of a post which talked about it via her verified Instagram handle.

Destiny Amaka
She spoke about how addicted to it, that she even watches it in church and then go to the toilet to clean up, but admitted being addicted to it sometimes made her cry, because even after cleaning up, she is still going back to it.

She said; “I think we underestimate the reality of being addicted to m33turbtion. It’s a serious addiction, sometimes they may find themselves m33turbating in public just to calm their sexual urges like this. Chai and then from this rape or uncontrollable behaviour go follow”.

Speaking further, the popular actress said; “I have no shame in it oh! Mine was p.o.r.n, I was addicted! Morning night noon! School even from church computer, then I will go to the toilet and wipe myself clean, at that moment I will hate myself and cry cos I knew I would just go back to watching more. ( I have never been into m33turbation but enjoy it every now and then) Any addiction is bad. Balance is key, I just feel we underestimate the addiction/problematic part of sexual additions, we don’t take it as seriously as alcohol or drugs”.

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