Nigerians Besiege Singer Falz on Instagram, Beg for Money

Nigerian celebrity Falz is also facing the challenges occasioned by the corona virus lockdown but he is not making so much noise about it like some celebrities that have been boring fans with complaints. In a new photo shared by the singer on his Instagram handle, Falz appeared cheerful and had the look of someone that was enjoying the lockdown.

They lockdown means different things to different people. While some see it as a limitation and a big blow to the entertainment industry, Falz sees the lockdown as an opportunity to have endless leisures and partying. Most celebrities in Nigeria are now frightened whenever the word "party" is mentioned because of what happened to star Nollywood actress Funke Akindele.

And Falz did just that but he was a solo party, an ice cream party with his girls. Falz stood in the midst of three girls who appeared in multicoloured party dresses as if they were trying to shoot an album. They were in front of an ice cream truck at a location that looked quite deserted. His fans think that the location is not far from his residence since the lockdown in major cities in Nigeria does not permit free movement except for essential workers.

The singer earlier shared a photo in which he was licking an ice cream through the window of the ice cream truck. He was also well dressed from head to toe and posed before the camera.

Many of his Instagram followers were happy to see him and they also begged him for financial assistance because of the biting economic hardship caused by the deadly corona virus which has resulted in a lockdown leading to claims that Falz is not feeling the lockdown.

in his post on Instagram, he asked them what is my name and many fans called him "bop daddy". He was having a solo party with some girls sitting close to him, they had a photo in front of an icecream bus packed is some undisclosed location.

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