Nathaniel Bassey - People are Calling us Names for Not Helping Publicly.

Nigerian celebrity and gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey has come under fire for failing to donate to the needy at this difficult moment. 

The singer who performed in large gatherings and concerts is known for his popular songs which are considered among the finest in Nigeria. 

He and a few other gospel singers have been criticized for failing to show any evidence that they are helping Nigerians.

It is worthy of mention that secular celebrities have been giving out both material relief and cash to their fans in Nigeria. Some like Tonto Dikeh have given food and relief materials to hundreds of people since the crises begun but Nigerians are yet to witness any charitable giveaways by gospel singers such as Sinach, Nathaniel Bassey and a host of other gospel singers.

However, Nathaniel Bassey recently rose in defence of his colics by claiming that they are being attacked just because they have not shared photos showing how they give to the poor like many celebrities are doing.
 The celebrity explained that they were also helping people but are not showing it publicly. His twitter post attracted the attention of Nigerian entertainer Alibaba.

Alibaba has also been disturbed that so many celebrities are sharing photos on social media about their give always and charities. He feels that fans who are now frequently begging online for assistance may see them as stingy celebrities.
 To let his fans know about how well he has been helping poor Nigerians he sometimes shares private chats in which people are pleading for money. In solidarity, he shared singer Nathaniel Bassey's post on his Instagram handle.

The situation facing Nigerians is not an easy one because people are no longer working because of the lockdown. They now have to remain at home for fear of being infected with the deadly coronavirus. The virus has so far affected over 500 persons and close to 20 deaths have been reported.

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