Naira Marley's Shocking Throwback Photo Causes Outrage

While many people think that celebrity singer Naira Marley learnt his skit when he started his brand of music. But the celebrity who leads followers that are known widely as Marlins does not think so. In a rather controversial photo of an ultrasound showing a childing in the womb with cigarettes in his mouth was Naira Marley's reply to those who which to know when his Marian talent began.

Followers of Naira Marley have become identical with indecency and social vices. Students in secondary schools are known to dress without their belts on and sag their trousers to look very much like their icon. Naira Marley who is well educated has made it his mission to lead young people into living without any moral restriction.

He has also paid dearly for his support for immoral and lawless behaviours by being charged for theft in 2019 after he and his friends ran into someone's car and drove off with the car after he complained. Naira Marley was also mentioned in the lockdown violation orchestrated by actress Funke Akindele and her husband who organized a party despite government restrictions.

The photo which is heart-rending shows a Naira Marley that is not backpedalling in his mission or brand of music which has been a resounding success. If he has been a Marian right from the womb then it is an identity that will not go away no matter the outrage or social outcry. The ultrasound photo was tagged by Naira Marley as a throwback photo in line with the trend of sharing throwback photos by celebrities.

He has also been seriously affected by the lockdown which has crippled all social activities that often spurs his Marian followers.

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