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Money Heist - I Have Watched Episode 4, Season 1 But I Can't Feel the Hype

Like many Nigerians out there, celebrities are getting tired of staying at home as a result of the coronavirus motivated lockdown. The case of actress Funke Akindele is still very fresh in the minds of Nigerians after her attempt to have some fun landed her in a big mess. Other celebrities like Mercy Aigbe have also been fighting boredom in an unusual way.

Recently she took to her Instagram handle to complain about the movie "Money Heist" which was recommended by many people as the perfect cure for boredom in this lockdown which may likely see an extension. She expressed her disappointment that a movie that should have brought her so much excitement did not do so.

To be sure that she was not just complaining the actress said that she has watched up to episode 4 of the season 1 of Money Heist but has not found the excitement that was overhyped by the media and highly recommended by many friends.
After trying many ways to escape boredom, the actress had made some scathing remarks about the discomfort that she was facing at home, praying that the whole lockdown will be over soon.

But not all are fans agree that the movie "Money Heist" is as boring as Mercy Aigbe claimed in her Instagram post.

Perhaps, they think that her boredom is so chronic that she could not be thrilled by the movie that is as exciting as " Money Heist" that everyone is talking about.
Some of her fans encouraged her to watch more episodes and seasons because it was too early to conclude that the movie is not exciting after watching only 4 episodes of season 1.

It is possible that in the coming days as the virus takes an ugly toll on many companies including Netflix that many people see as the cure for boredom, it will stop uploading new movies since its staffs will be forced to stay at home too.

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