It's a Shame! Gospel Singer Drops Bombshell

Gospel singers and celebrities in Nigeria have started speaking up on the current trend of things in Nigeria after a prolonged silence. 

They have also been equally affected by the lockdown because they cannot perform in live programs and churches like they use to that, is why singer Sinach thinks that it is a shame that churches which ought to be a healing ground are closed for fear of infection.

Sinach, being a popular celebrity would have been performing at a program for Easter but she is staying at home like other Nigerian celebrities. But rather than complaining about boredom and the problems caused by the lockdown Sinach is bothering about how the church which prides itself as the healing ground is now hiding in shame. The popular singer wants all Christians to be sober for celebrating easter in this manner.

Sinach is a member of the popular Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's church and she also supports his idea that the coronavirus is a hoax sponsored by the Antichrist even though it seems unlikely. Like many other followers of the pastor, she sees everything wrong with banning church gatherings since the church is a place were sick people should be healed.

Despite her pastor's position, his church has gone virtually online as most of their branches are empty for fear of the virus.
There has also been no record of divine healing from Pastor Chris Healing school which is yet to go online.
 The idea that Sinach wants every Christian to know is that even though it is not yet happening, healings ought to be taking place in the church and not the hospital.

But not all Christians are hiding in shame like Sinach over the coronavirus pandemic. For many, it is a test from God while others think that God will work through modern medicine to heal the world.

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