Ini Edo - I'll Throw a Party for Me, Myself and I

Ini Edo has concluded plans to organize a party as the ultimate cure for the boredom that has overtaken many celebrities as a result of the lockdown. Her solution is very much similar to actress Funke Akindele's strategy which went wrong. But unlike Funke Akindele she will not be inviting many people so that the social distancing and restriction order will not be violated.

On her, Instagram handles the actress said that she will be organizing the party for "me, myself and I" implying that she will hold the party for herself alone.
There will be no guests as in the case of actress Funke Akindele and she is going to share videos of the party online with her fans many of whom are feeling bored too.  It did not take long before her followers began to react to the post.

Many of them were happy that their celebrity has devised a safe means of escaping boredom. Boredom has been the motivating factor behind the actions of most celebrities in Nigeria because their career and social life have been brought to a halt with damning consequences. The Nigerian movie industry Nollywood has seen many popular actors and actresses become broke and in dire need of financial assistance.

There may be more of that ahead for celebrities as the lockdown may last for many months. Celebrities who are now tired of watching movies and taking photos for uploads can give themselves the honour of a solo party just like Ini Edo plans to do. Since it does not violate any social distancing law there will be no harassment from government authorities who have increased surveillance to ensure strict compliance with the order.

Fans of the actress are also glad that such an innovative solution came from their Ini Edo who remains one celebrity that has not spoken much in this lockdown. Many also fear that in the days ahead the situation will become unbearable.

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