Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin to earn £2.5m in reboot of popular Christmas movie

Macaulay Culkin is reportedly set to pocket a staggering sum of money for the brand new Home Alone reboot.

The American actor, who famously played Kevin McCallister in the first two films will net the eye-watering sum of £2.5millipn for a cameo role in the new film.

According to The Sun, the star is getting the staggering sum for a walk-on cameo in the new reboot for Disney+.

The publication said that Macaulay has negotiated the big-money deal for starring in the movie, pocketing £2.5m.

An industry source said: "No Home Alone is complete without the star of the show, Macaulay.

"Disney bosses were desperate to get him on board and they’ve opened their wallets in a big way to do so.

"His cameo is being planned and they’re working out the details – but it’ll cost them nearly £2.5million for the privilege."

The hotly anticipated remake was announced last year, and it stars Jojo Rabbit actor Archie Yates playing the role of the lead character.

Rob Denaley and Ellie Kemper are also said to be starring in the film, as well as Macaulay Culkin's cameo part.

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