Finally Tacha Reacts to Funke Akindele's Ordeal, Warns Trollers to Stay Away from Her

Many celebrities stood with actress Funke Akindele after she was arrested and convicted for violating the government's lockdown order. Controversial celebrity Tacha is the latest celebrity to throw her weight behind the couple. It was an embarrassing moment for the actress and hubby as social media trollers took over her Instagram handle calling her names and making fun of her for having a party.

Tacha's reaction is coming very late after some celebrities have gotten over the saga and the couples involved have also pleaded guilty and are ready to face the penalty for defaulting. Tacha felt that there was no better time to react to the incident than now. Her reaction to the party which went wrong was to support the couple involved as nobody is beyond mistake.

However, the real reason for her reaction was the ugly attitude of trollers who did not spare Funke Akindele despite her misfortune. They followed her to her social media handles and rained abuses in the comments at the celebrity for holding a party when the state was in lockdown. The trollers did not stop there but also attacked her when other celebrities tried to show solidarity with the couple by sharing their photos on their social media handles.

Even though it is not yet in public knowledge how close Tacha is to Funke Akindele Bello, many people are aware of the attacks that Tacha has been through at the hands of trollers. So, she understands the pain of being trolled on social media and she is showing solidarity with Funke Akindele. Some of her critics have described her defence of the couple as mere attention-seeking.

Irrespective of what people think, Tacha cares less and she is more concerned with letting everyone know how she feels and why she deserves their attention.

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