Dremo Ft Davido's "Mable" Ranks As 3rd Most Played Song in Nigeria

When some fans alleged that Davido was keen on promoting Dremo's song which he featured in some days ago, it seemed like a joke. 

The song "Mabel" which was released in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic was a way out of boredom for many fans of the celebrity. 

Although Drem is not as popular as Davido, he used Davido's big name to achieve a lot.

One thing that is admirable about celebrities in Nigeria is that they collaborate often and protect each other's interest.
Even though there are occasions of quarrels and media ranting, they still appear to be one big family. This goes not just for Nigerian musicians but musicians around the world.

This is not a very good period for Davido as his wife Chioma is battling to recover from her COVID-19 infection.
Davido was broken for many days after news of her coronavirus infection broke. He too had to go into isolation for many days after having contact with some infected persons.
Chioma had returned from the United Kingdom and went into isolation before it was discovered that she was positive.

Davido told fans a few days ago that he enjoyed listening to Drem's song "Mabel" and will recommend it to his fans. The post which he made on his Instagram handle drew many reactions and some people claimed that he was only promoting the song because many fans are bored as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown and will quickly try anything that can keep them excited.

True to their speculations apple music has ranked the song "Mable" as the third most-played 100 songs in Nigeria. That is why Davido shared the ranking on his Instagram wall to let fans see how popular the song was. He has done a lot to keep fans excited at a time when they cannot go out or attend parties as they use to before the lockdown.

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