Banky W Blasts States That Are Lifting Stay at Home Ban

As some Nigerian states lift the restrictions on the movement of people and social distancing law which was made to prevent the spread of the highly infectious corona virus, many people are scared that it will place the lives of most Nigerians at risk. Celebrity Banky W has joined well meaning Nigerians to condemn  some states in Nigeria for lifting the ban on movement and public associations.

Banky W is a Nigerian singer and celebrity that has a big influence in the Nigerian music industry. He has been among the celebrities that have been enlightening the public on how to stay safe from the deadly Covid19 virus that has killed thousands of people in many parts of the world. The virus has been in Nigeria for a while amidst fears that there might be an unprecedented rise in infections.

Being one of the most populous countries in Africa, it is speculated that Nigeria will have the highest number of deaths in the continent if appropriate steps are not taking. Lagos state for instance has over 100 cases of infection while some states have 1 or 2 cases but it is not certain if Nigeria has gotten the actual number of infected people because of doubts and misinformation about the virus.

Banky W condemned states that recently relexed restriction laws to allow their citizens organize events for easter. That implies that churches and religious buildings will be open and social interaction will continue despite warnings that it exposes the citizens to risks of infection. Many of his followers also supported him and call for sanctions on those states from the federal government.

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