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AY's Movie "Call to Bar" is Now on Youtube

Nigerian comedian Ago Makun was also known by his stage name AY has released his movie which was launched recently on YouTube after uncertainties surrounded the end of the lockdown which is getting to its the second week. He has been working very hard from home prior to the release, unlike some celebrities that are waiting for the lockdown to be over first before working.

There is no end in sight for the lockdown imposed by the Nigerian government to curb the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus. New cases of infection are being recorded daily since the lockdown began and the government may decide to extend it. While the government battles to locate and isolate the over 3000 people that made contact with those that have tested positive, the country may remain in lockdown.

Stage performers like comedians and singers are having a hard time waiting for all this to be over while many have suspended important projects because of the pandemic. The few that were bold enough to try to take advantage of the digital world are not sure of how to go about it.

Little has been heard about the much talked about the concert to be organized by a popular singer due to the domination of the internet and media by the ravaging corona virus related news stories. But comedian AY is taking the lead by not putting off many of his projects because of the pandemic.

Being mindful of the fact that there are more people online now than ever before, AY has released his movie "Call to Bar" to YouTube. The comedy which he has been advertising long before now was supposed to be launched in a cinema but the coronavirus pandemic changed everything.

AY who had shared a photo of himself working at home is positive that in the coming days millions of Nigerians and his fans around the world will view it.

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