Alibaba - If Any Pilot Flies into Your State, Lock Them Up!

Nigerian comedian and public figure Alibaba have caught the attention of members of the public by calling for the arrest of any pilot that enters the territory of any state that has declared a lockdown.

His views are coming at a time when a Nigerian governor ordered the arrest of Coverton helicopter pilots that entered his state when the lockdown order was in force. Although they were on a national assignment, they did not take permission from the state government before entering their territory.

His rather extreme views were occasioned by news that the number of people tested for the coronavirus has reached 407 in Nigeria with 12 deaths recorded. Alibaba was bothered by the rising infection rate and even though he is a comedian, he sounded very serious.

His post which was shared on his Instagram handle and directed at states that are lifting the ban on social gathering and allowing people to go about their duties.

Alibaba had earlier shared on his wall some weeks back that he plans to be a professor in the next 10 years. He did not specifically name the discipline that he intends to specialize in, many fans speculate that he has his interest in the arts and humanities.
Like many Nigerian celebrities, Alibaba is a graduate that has creatively built his career in comedy and an empire filled with loyal comedians that hold him in high regard.

He specifically mentioned governor Nyesom Wike, the Rivers state governor that ordered the arrest of the helicopter and asked other state governors to emulate him. The celebrity feels that most Nigerians do not still know the potential deaths and devastation that the ravaging coronavirus has caused.

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