Alibaba: I Hated Writing From Right to Left

Foremost Nigerian comedian Alibaba popularly considered as one of the architects of standup comedy is celebrating his wedding anniversary and many entertainers are felicitating with him but Alibaba is not paying so much attention to it because he is not a newlywed.

 The comedian who is known to be very frank in passing strong messages through his comedy is a graduate from the former Bendel State University.

What was striking about his posts for the anniversary was a photo which looked like an old one in which his wife held a rope that was tied around Alibaba's neck and he used it to explain to an what the difference between a lockdown and locked down is.
Locked-down for Alibaba is when a wife wants to know where her husband is all the time. The comic post dominated the anniversary thing which did not seem to matter much to Alibaba whose entire career has been devoted to making jokes out of reality.

Alibaba also detested having to write from right to left because he is more comfortable writing from the left since he was taught Arabic and Hebrew while in university.

While eulogizing one of his lecturer Osisoma, he remembered an Arabic saying of the Muslim Prophet Muhammed which states that "tie the donkey then pray to god". That was the caption for the photo in which his wife held a rope around his neck at an event.

Alibaba is believed to have groomed many popular comedians such as Ago Makun also known as AY who has publicly admitted that he worked as a Personal Assistant for Alibaba and lived under his roof for many years.

His impact in the entertainment industry in Nigeria remains phenomenal and many celebrities owe their successful career.

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