Ali Nuhu : Life is What Happens When You Are Busy Doing Something Else

Celebrity actor Ali Nuhu has finally joined the league of Nigerian celebrities who are now finding the ongoing lockdown unbearable. The actor was not bold enough to tell his fans that he feels to bored staying at home for over a week. Instead he used a wise saying to communicate his views which is that life is what happens when we are doing something else.

Ali Nuhu before the lockdown had been sharing studio and video shoot photos on his Instagram handle even promising his fans that some of them will be out soon but his plans were truncated by the ravaging corona virus that has paralysed social life upon which the ntertainment industry thrives.

Although he did not intend to bore fans with the troubles of his own boredom, Ali Nuhu's quote ended up passing the unintended message to his fans even though many of them agreed with the quote. They considered the quote to be the best interpretation for the current human predicament but it was also a reflection of the experience of the actor and his conclusion about life.

Those that understand actor Ali Nuhu's position in the movie industry can only imagine the level of damage that the Covid19 pandemic has caused him. Ali is among the top celebrities in Kannywood which is an arm of the larger Nollywood. Kannywood focuses on producing Hausa movies which are now very popular. His experience as an actor and producer came from his years in Nollywood.

It is not just Ali Nuhu that has lost so much but also the entire movie industry. Like many other celebrities he cannot wait for the health crisis caused by Covid19 to be over so that they get back to work and put their lives together again. Unlike other form of art, movie making cannot be done from home because it involves movement and location change which is not permitted due to the lockdown.

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