Africa's coronavirus cases pass 20,000 mark after deaths hit 1,000

 As the day goes on, each day Africa countries Record not less than hundred of coronavirus cases but views died out of infected people according to report from many news portals.

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April 18: Cases across Africa pass 200,000 mark

According to Report from Africanews, Confirmed cases of coronavirus passed the 20,000 mark barely 24-hours after the deaths topped 1,000. This is according to tallies from the John Hopkins University tracker.
As of 13:30 GMT the figures  stood at 100,075 with 4,600+ recoveries and 1,026 deaths leaving a little over 13,350 active cases.
Egypt remained the continent’s most impacted whiles the North African region generally contributed for some of the highest numbers. Egypt with 2,844 cases, Morocco with 2,600+ cases and Algeria with 2,418 confirmed cases.
South of the Sahara, South Africa’s 2,700+ cases was the highest with Cameroon in a distant second with 1,017, Ivory Coast’s 732, Djibouti’s 732 and Ghana’s 641 completed the top five slots.
Meanwhile the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, UNECA, has warned that cases could spike across the continent as more testing is rolled out in the coming weeks.
Africa could see 300,000 deaths from the coronavirus this year even under the best-case scenario, according to a new report released Friday that cites modelling from Imperial College London.
Under the worst-case scenario with no interventions against the virus, Africa could see 3.3 million deaths and 1.2 billion infections, the report by the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa said.
Even with “intense social distancing.” under the best-case scenario the continent could see more than 122 million infections, the report said.
Any of the scenarios would overwhelm Africa’s largely fragile and underfunded health systems, experts have warned. Under the best-case scenario, $44 billion would be needed for testing, personal protective equipment and treatment, the report said, citing UNECA estimates. The worst-case scenario would cost $446 billion.
Additional files on UNECA report from AP

April 17: Africa’s coronavirus deaths pass 1,000 mark as cases approach 20,000

Africa’s coronavirus deaths have surpassed the 1,000 mark according to tallies by the john Hopkins University. As at 18:30 GMT of April 17, 2020; Africa had recorded 1,002 deaths.
Since the virus arrived on the continent on February 14 in Egypt till date, the number of confirmed cases stood at 19,417 whiles recovered cases were 4,546.
The country with the highest number of fatalities being Algeria with 364 victims. Egypt despite being the continent’s most impacted in terms of infections have recorded 205 deaths as against Morocco’s 135.
In sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon and Niger occupied the top 5 death slots with 48, 33, 23, 22 and 15 respectively.
Two African countries remain uninfected till date, they are Comoros and Lesotho. The United Nations has sounded a warning that Africa could be the next epicenter of the virus.
Meanwhile through the Africa Centers for Disease Control, the continent is seeking to roll out a million test kits to make up for shortfall in testing rates across the continent.

Major African stats as of April 18 as of 5 am GMT:

* Confirmed cases = 19,827
* Number of deaths = 1,020
* Recoveries = 4,619
* Infected countries = 52
* Virus-free countries = 2 (Lesotho, Comoros)

Major African stats as of April 17 as of 6 am GMT:

* Confirmed cases = 18,441
* Number of deaths = 966
* Recoveries = 4,344
* Infected countries = 52
 Virus-free countries = 2 (Lesotho, Comoros)

Major African stats as of April 15 at 6 am GMT:

* Confirmed cases = 16,265
* Number of deaths = 873
* Recoveries = 3,235
* Infected countries = 52
* Virus-free countries = 2 (Lesotho, Comoros)

Major African stats as of April 14 at 6 am GMT:

* Confirmed cases = 15,346
* Number of deaths = 835
* Recoveries = 2,946
* Infected countries = 52
* Virus-free countries = 2 (Lesotho, Comoros)

Major African stats as of April 13 at 6 am GMT:

* Confirmed cases = 14,497
* Number of deaths = 788
* Recoveries = 2,823
* Infected countries = 52
* Virus-free countries = 2 (Lesotho, Comoros)

Source:  Africanews

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