Actress Toyin Abraham Resurrects 11 Years Old Movie On Her YouTube Channels

Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham has brought back an old movie she made 11 years ago and she wants her fans to watch it on her YouTube channel. 

The movie "Iku Doro" which was directed by Teco Benson was popular when it was first released many years back. Actress Toyin wants her fans to be entertained and she has promised that she will share more old movies on the channel so that her fans can be entertained.

There is a lot going on in the entertainment world in Nigeria due to the corona virus lockdown. Fans are beginning to see certain sides of their choice celebrities which were formerly hidden by the exotic celebrity culture of Nigerian celebrities.
Some of them have shown great innovation and projected their brand stronger than ever while others have shown that they have merely been hiding under the dominant celebrity culture in Nigeria.

Fans are busy changing their preferences for celebrities and they are looking for those who social media handles are the most exciting. That is why celebrities are doing all that they can to standout in view of the unpredictable lock down that has led to the suspension of all social activities in the entertainment industry. It is expected that by the time this lock down ends, some celebrities will become more popular than others in the entertainment industry.

Toyin Abraham thinks that by reviving some of her most remarkable movies she may endear more fans to her social media handles especially her YouTube channel. Nigerians have been watching more movies and seeking entertainment online more than ever before as a result of the lock down. Celebrities are now being pitched against each other, competing for fans.

Toyin Abraham will share more of her old movies on that channel even though her critics say that she is merely promoting her YouTube Channel as a means of adapting to the changing business of the entertainment industry which is now moving completely online. She is not the only celebrity to try to reactivate her online platform. Comedian AY, Tuface and a host of other celebrities have also been trying to take hold of the online space.

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