We Need Food! Fan Blast Actress for Asking Fans to Download Her Movie on Netflix Amidst Lockdown

This are not very good times for the entertainment industry in Nigeria as a result of the corona virus infection. Actress Toyin Abraham got an angry reaction from a fan after she shared on Instagram that fans should download her movie "Fate of Alakada from Netflix.

The fan angrily reacted by accusing her for talking about her " fucking movie" at a time when there is no food because of the lockdown. He was unhappy that the Nollywood actress was busy promoting her movie at a time when people's lives are at the risk in a country like Nigeria with poor medical facilities.

As states governments continue to shut down movement and commerce in their states, fears abound that hunger and starvation may become the order of the day in Nigeria. The federal government of Nigeria also plans to shut down the country if new cases of the corona virus infection continues.

That will imply that people will be forced to stay in doors for many weeks and with the harsh economic situation in Nigeria they may have nothing or little to live on while the shut down lasts. If Toyin Abraham could neglect the impending suffering that people will go through and focus on her own movie on Netflix than it is scary.

Billions of Naira has been lost in the past few days as a result of the cancellation of flights by the aviation industry. Public places have also been short down. Shows can no longer take place for fear of infections and cinemas have also shut down.

Movies that were scheduled to be shown on cinemas have been postponed indefinitely by their respective producers. However, other fans supported the celebrity and will be having their time on Netflix watching Fate of Alakada.

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