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Viral Video: AY Jokes With Sen Danjuma Goje's Grammatical Blunder

Nigerian comedian AY has made a joke out of a viral video showing a serving senator wrongly pronouncing the dreadful coronavirus. The senator repeatedly committed grammatical blunder while pronouncing it.

Comedian AY was merely expressing the anger of Nigerians who feel that the government of Nigeria is irresponsibly handling the deadly infection. What seemed like a foreign disease has fully arrived in Nigeria and it is spreading fast.

Nigerians who fled home from the United Kingdom brought the disease with them and it is spreading. AY shared the video of the senator from Gombe State in which he pronounced coronavirus as coronavices. AY joked that Goje has now been coronated as the king of coronavices.

Nigerians supported AY by lambasting the senator for failing to know simple pronunciation. Their anger was also motivated by reports that some highly placed Nigerians are now evading checks at the airport upon their return from affected countries.

Reports earlier claimed that the borders were left open for that long so that some big wigs can return to Nigeria. Whether these reports are true or not is not important now as fear has increased anger among Nigerians.

The infection has dispossessed Nigeria of class and status as the rich can no longer spend their wealth abroad but are fleeing back to Nigeria from all over the world.

AY's interest in the matter is part of the reasons why his followers are growing by the day. He does not just makes jokes but touches reality with his comedy especially at a time where government responsibility matters.

Comedians in more advanced countries like America are doing the same to get political leaders to do the right thing. However, some of his fans argue that he should not have made a joke out of Goje who is a two time governor and a fine gentle man.

Goje was even in the race to become Nigeria's number three before he stepped down. Some people still trust his abilities and capacity to govern.

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