Tacha Set to Leave for UK, As Patoranking Postpones His Reggae and Dance Festival Over Coronavirus

Like their counterparts in many countries of the world, Naija celebrities are also being affected by COVID19 and having been telling their fans to stay strong while they help to spread the World Health Organizations' precautions for avoiding the deadly virus.

Nigerian celebrities often serve as brand ambassadors fro many brands in the country and they are paid for their services but each time there is a burning social issue, they go all out to sensitize the public for free.
The motive behind that is their very source of inspiration which is their fans. Celebrities in Nigeria enjoy support from thousands of people many of whom idolize them.

As governments at all levels are beginning to intervene to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, these celebrities used their social media accounts to enlighten the public on tips from the WHO that can keep them safe until the virus is effectively contained.

Patorankingfire, Tacha, Singer Omawunmi among others have advised their followers on the ways to stay safe from the deadly virus that has claimed thousands of lives already. Public places including churches and mosques have been shut in some of the most affected countries.

Patoranking even postponed his reggae and dance festival which should have commenced this month. The festival usually attracts music lovers-in large numbers to listen to the sensational Reggae music.

Singer Omawunmi also urged her fans to be strong and abide by all the stipulations by relevant bodies. A rather controversial Tacha was spotted at the airport fully kitted against the virus with her nose mask and gloves. She was on her way to the United Kingdom despite fears over Coronavirus.

 Rumors have also been making the rounds that due to their wide social circle; Nigerian celebrities face a greater risk of contracting the virus than their fans.

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