Tacha Flees to UK, Says UK Lockdown Better Than Staying in Nigeria

While celebrities like Mercy Aigbe are saying that celebrities are afraid of bragging about their trip to America, China, UK and Dubai, controversial exBBNaija star Natasha popularly known as Tacha has left Nigeria for the United Kingdom.

The celebrity was aware that UK is one of the countries that has been affected by the deadly corona virus but she chose to go there. Many celebrities and highly placed personalities like President Buhari's daughter have arrived Nigeria for fear of the virus.

Although she is now in UK the celebrity will not be leaving her thousands of fans behind but will be keeping in touch with them through her Instagram handle even though many of them are disappointed in her for fleeing Nigeria at this time.

Tacha had explained in a recently released video that a United Kingdom lockdown was better than staying in a Nigerian lockdown. Her explanation showed mistrust in Nigeria's ability to handle corona virus.

Some people felt that she should have joined other celebrities using her large fan base to enlighten people on how to stay safe from the virus. In the video which is now viral, Tacha told her fans that she is not coming back to Nigeria.

However, the real reason behind her decision to travel to the UK may not be far from her taste for party life. Tacha still thinks that somehow people can attend parties and live as if nothing happened.

While Tacha wore her nose mask even at the Nigerian international airport she removed them when she entered UK as seen from the video that she shared. Tacha thinks that the Nigerian government may not have the capacity to curb the spread of the virus as much as the UK would.

She imagines that there are cities in the UK that will experience no case of the corona virus infection.

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