See the Strategy Barcelona Might use in Signing Neymar for just £15million

Barcelona are planning to sign Neymar, and could use a FIFA rule to help them.

Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu is desperate to sign Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain this summer, and is reportedly looking into 'exploiting' a clause within FIFA's guidelines which could mean they sign him for just £15million. That's according to reports in ESPN and SPORT .

Neymar is once again being linked with a return to Barcelona.

The Brazilian winger was on the verge of returning to the Nou Camp last summer, but the two clubs were unable to reach a deal.

Now, however, they might not have to.

According to ESPN and Spanish outlet SPORT, Barca and Neymar are looking into invoking an article within the FIFA rules and regulations for transfers, which could see them sign the Brazilian on the cheap.

Article 17 of the rules and regulations allows for a player to buy out the remainder of his contract if he had signed with a team before the age of 27.

He can only do so, however, after being at the same club for at least three years.

This summer it will mark the third year since Neymar left Barca for PSG in the world's most expensive transfer, meaning he will have the opportunity to invoke the clause.

And SPORT reports that if he does, his transfer fee could be as small as £15m


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