(Photos) Davido Should Be Quarantined Immediately for Meeting Makinde

The rate at which the dreaded corona virus is spreading is now alarming as notable personalities in Nigeria have contracted the virus. Some fans are calling for the immediate testing and quarantine of all the PDP stalwarts that attended a rally in a southwest state including singer Davido.

As a supporter of his uncles party PDP Davido had visited the Oyo state governor Seyi Makinde who was reportedly at the PDP rally held in a south west state about a week ago. The party rally was attended by the son of Nigeria's former Vice President who has tested positive to the virus.

At the rally, he was said to have interacted with other party leaders including Seyi Makinde. Currently, the governor of Bauchi state has reportedly tested positive to the deadly virus. The elites in Nigeria are no longer at ease since they have related with each other normally.

Some senators were even reported to have snubbed checks at the airport when they came back from affected countries like Germany and United Kingdom. They entered Nigeria and mixed with their families and staffs thereby transmitting the virus from one person to another.

There is a high possibility that governor Seyi Makinde was affected and may have infected the celebrity Davido without knowing it. Symptoms take as long as 14 days to appear so it is possible that Davido will become the first music celebrity to test positive to the deadly corona virus.

Concerned fans are therefore calling on relevant authorities to ensure that he is quarantined to avoid a repeat of the Abba Kyari case where he was interacting with so many people even after visiting a country with a high rate of the infection.

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