Mercy Aigbe to Fans: This Coronavirus is No Jokes, Better Borrow Brain

Fans of the Nollywood actress and celebrity Mercy Aigbe turned aginst the actress recently after she shared a post on her Instagram wall making a mockery of some Nigerians who claimed that they are not afraid of COVID19.

A graphic work of a young boy standard before the beast representing Coronavirus circulated soon after reports of the first Coronavirus victim appeared in the media. Being a highly religious society, Nigerians shared it claiming that they will be saved from the virus.

The world is still suffering from the Coronavirus but Africa and Nigeria are yet to witness the worst. Things still go on normally and there has been no disruption unlike in many parts o the world where normal life has been totally disrupted.

In the Nigerian entertainment industry, there has been no record of canceled shows or entertainment events over the virus which rumors claim may not thrive in the region.

In the Instagram post which was critical of the typical Nigerian mentality, actress Mercy Aigbe warned her fans to take precautions and not joke with the deadly virus that has emptied the Muslim holy site; Mecca as well as Rome a popular destination for Christian pilgrims.

Soon after she made the post some critics attacked her for making fun of their religious beliefs. The actress who is also a controversial person for her relationship with crossdresser Bobrisky is the first celebrity to openly post about the deadly virus which is yet to take its ugly toll in Nigeria.

She wanted her fans not to fall into the hands of preachers who will promise them protection from the virus. She even suggested the closure of all public places including religious buildings as soon as possible so that the disease does not ravish Nigeria as it has done in many countries.

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