Kim Kadarshian to Donate 20% of Her Profit to Help Families on Lockdown

The name Kim Kadarshian is synonymous with beauty and fashion products for ladies. Although she is wife to the legendary Kanye West, she is widely known more for her beauty products which are used by women all over the world, including Nigeria.

Kim Kadarshian sent women across the world into a frenzy by the introduction of her brown skin product for ladies.The product was a best seller as many African women began to appreciate their brown skin and use her product. They were also ready to abandoned the old ways of skin bleaching and toning because of her products.

Kim delivers her product to customers and anyone can order by going online. The celebrity is doing something unique even as most countries have shut down in response to the corona virus pandemic. Mothers are now at home and they have to take care of their babies and that is a challenge.

Baby to baby is an initiative set up to reach out to mothers at home by providing their needs especially diaper's for babies. The celebrity and fashion personality Kim Kadarshian has announced through her Instagram account that she will give 20% of her profit will be given to the baby to baby initiative to help members in their time of need.

The move was described as a welcome development from the celebrity who is widely known by women for her beauty products. Her decision to give 20% of her profit to charity, especially to Baby to baby was seen by her Nigerian fans as a challenge to celebrities in Nigeria.

Some Nigerian celebrities have been advocating on their social media handles, informing people on how to stay safe from the virus. But none have come up with any feasible aid to help Nigerians that are facing an imminent nationwide shutdown over the virus.

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