(Photo) Kannywood Actor Alih Nuhu Shares Throwback Pics in Army Camouflage

Actor Alih Nuhu recently shared a throwback photo on his Instagram account in which he wore an army camouflage dress. The photo sparked outrage as Nigerians wonder why most celebrities are above the law.

In the Nigerian movie industry, Alih Nuhu occupies an important position for his contributions to the growth of Kannywood. Kannywood is the northern Hausa movie industry that has produced several movies.

Also, the actor has starred in Nollywood movies too. His recent Instagram photo generated angry reactions by Nigerians who felt that the Nigerian army is biased in enforcing the punishment and harassment of anyone found in army uniforms.

Apart from actor Alih Nuhu, popular non state figures have won military uniforms. It is very common among pastors some of whom are guarded by military personal. The question that many people are asking is that why are these popular figures not been harassed for putting on military uniforms?.

Many people that suffered harrassmenta in the hands of army officers for wearing their uniforms claim that it is believed among officers that people can use the uniforms for criminal purposes and implicate the military.

Their silence and approval in circumstances such as these shows that celebrities are immunes to such treatment. They are likely viewed as role models that will not do anything to tarnish their good reputations.

How these celebrities acquire the uniforms is still surprising to many people who treat military materials as sacred. Actor Alih Nuhu was celebrated by his fans who hailed him as the champion of Kannywood.

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