Is COVID19 Targeting Only Sports Celebrities?

Sports fans are worried because many sports celebrity have been infected with the dreaded Coronavirus also called COVID19. They are not just worried because the celebrities’ could die from the infection rather they worry about the devastation that it has caused to sporting activities globally.

The raging Coronavirus has not spared popular Sports figures and celebrities in the world and there seemed to be no end in sight as it spreads at an alarming rate across the world. Some other popular big wigs outside the sports world have been infected too but that of the sports world have dominated news headlines in March.

COVD 19 is a viral infection that spreads from one person to another through contact with infected person or material and it is airborne. It can spread rapidly in a manner that causes panic in a country. There is currently no effective vaccine to tackle it but treatments for those that have been infected by the virus.

Because people are panicking, they can no longer o on with their normal lives for fear of being infected with the virus which reportedly kills in a few days. Sadly, fans of many sports celebrities have been watching with keen interest how their favorite stars have made headlines for coming down with the dreaded Coronavirus. They once made the news for thrilling fans with goals and other fun fair but the story has changed.

Sports lovers all over the world have been disturbed by the ugly trend which has interrupted the flow of sports events in many parts of the world. It is not out of place to say that the Sports world is the worst hit by the COVID 19 Virus.

Also, in countries with high casualties from the infection, hundreds of deaths have been reported ad notable personalities have tested positive to the disease; from top politicians and government functionaries to peasants on the streets. It is the same story with sports celebrities who often have access to quality health care.

Sports celebrities rarely interact with their fans instead they have contacts with other players and teammates in the course of training or on the pitch unlike singers. They face less risk compared to celebrities in the music industry but they have been worst affected by the virus.

As a result of COVID 19, major football events have been shifted with the hope that the infection will be eliminated within a short time. Indoor sports like wrestling matches now take place without spectators and it is weird. Football stadiums that previously held thousands of spectators are now empty.

Sports celebrities that have tested positive to COVID 19 are Trey Thompkins of Real Madrid, Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-odoi, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Juventus defender Daniele Rugani.

Others are at risk and so they have suspended all sports activities that can expose them to the disease. As sports celebrities are being affected, so are sports related businesses and their partners all over the world.

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