Ini Edo - My Pastor Said There Is No Church Today

Popular Nollywood actress and celebrity Ini Edo shared on her Instagram wall that her pastor told her that there is no church today. As a result of the measures taken to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus, religious bodies were charged to limit the number of worshippers.

However, some like Ini Edo's Pastor closed Sunday service. The brown skin queen shared a photo which looked like one taken indoors because public gatherings are now considered risky because of the virus.

Unlike other celebrities who love to party and attend public events, Ini Edo is a loner that has kept to herself for the most part of her career and she has fared quite well. The actress is still very popular even though she has not been doing a lot lately.

Many fans are worried that this period of isolation might be very boring for their favourite celebrities but Ini Edo's followers need not worry because she is doing just fine with the isolation.

Her post about her pastor saying there is no church shocked some of her critics who thought that the actress was not the church-going type of girl because of her style of dress. Many of them think that being a celebrity was incompatible with being a churchgoer.

The actress is not just staying lonely doing nothing because she to her fans that she will be watching movies from Netflix. The Netflix live stream of movies has gained a heavy inflow of traffic as a result of the isolation.

Many people in many countries now have to stay indoors for fear of being infected with the virus and they are fighting the boredom by watching movies just like her. Some of her fans also shared similar experiences where church services did not hold and only a few people were allowed in.

Although the actress said that she is a loner that is used to being alone, fans fear that this might be a new experience for her because it is not certain how long it will last. If it lasts more than a month, they doubt if Ini Edo will still be cool about it.

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