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Hilarious! Australian Lady Mourns Her Dead Parrot on Facebook

One Australian lady Lucia Nemaric has taken to her Facebook account to announce the death of her beloved parrot. The parrot died which was named Benson died in his water bowl. It has been sick for sometime and the lady said that she tried all she could to save him.

An obviously depressed Lucia wondered why Benson left despite the love and affection that she showered on him. At a point she even thought that Benson the parrot died because he did not appreciate the love she had for him.

The post drew much attention to the divergence of worldviews of Europeans and Africans. Why the death of a parrot will hurt an Australian so badly raises big questions on the value of life in Africa. Europeans are known for treating animals kindly especially their pets. There have been reports of Christians in Europe taking their pets to Pastors for blessing and even people getting married to their pets.

The photo of the parrot motionless and dead in the bowl which she provided was also shared on her Facebook account. Other friends of the bereaved Lucia commented and sympathized with her consoling her that even though Benson has died, he appreciated her love and care.

For the average Nigerian who lives in a society where the right to life and health appears to be a privilege, Lucia's lamentation appears to be very comical. Some Nigerians who reacted to the social media post as animal right taken too far.

At least it cannot be taken seriously that a Nigerian will mourn the death of his pet be it a dog or a cat by sharing a social media post. Talk more of getting many sympathizers that will comfort him.

Nigerian like other countries of the world is plagued by the ravaging Coronavirus that has claimed thousands of lives across the world in the past few months. Nigeria and other African countries are also facing the pandemic amidst fears that African countries will not cope.

So much is yet to be done to guarantee the safety of humans living in Africa and there seem to be no space for animal rights to thrive.

A Nigerian who reacted to the story argued that Nigerians value animals too. She claimed that animals that aid humans like cow's horses and even dogs are valued. In justifying her claim, she made reference to Fulani herders that cried on live television after a community attacked and butchered their cows.

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