(COVID19) Mercy Johnson - Kids Won't Let You Work From Home

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has joined working class mothers across the country to lament that their kids won't let them work from home. Following the closure of schools and the ban of all public gatherings working class mothers now have to work from home.

The kids are at home too because of the closure of schools due to the coronavirus infection. Mothers are complaining that it is a herculean task to work from home and take care of the kids all at once.

That is why actress Mercy Johnson is crying out. She is also a working class mother and a big time entrepreneur. Mercy's body and beauty products are very much used in Nigeria and other parts of the world. She is one actress that has successful home with many children.

Mercy Johnson runs a TV program named Mercy's menu where she shares beautiful healthy family living tips and she is much loved for that. There are even claims that she the most highly paid celebrity in Nollywood, a claim that has not yet been contested.

She is not just an ordinary actress but a very influential one who is also a government appointee in Kogi State. The actress though still optimistic about working from home cannot wait for the whole coronavirus episode to be over.

Like many other celebrities whose work depends on meeting people and building relationship Mercy Johnson is suffering the restrictions that this viral infection has caused. She hopes that things will return to normal soon.

Her post generated so many reactions because she is seen as a model for a good home. Those who were critical of her views on working from home are those who were already taking advantage of the opportunity to introduce their work from home businesses to mothers especially teachers that may stay at home for s while.

While her supporters have been defending the opinion that she shared on her Instagram wall, others felt disappointed in her.

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