Comedian AY Grateful As His Instagram Followers Hit 8Million

Fame is not the only thing that comedians are after that is why Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun popularly known as AY took to his Instagram wall recently to appreciate his followers as they reach 8Million.

The reason why he is so excited is that the 8million Instagram followers has made him the most followed standup comedian in Africa. That is a record that no other comedian has broken.

Comedian AY hardly shares his comedy skits on his Instagram wall. He often shows solidarity by celebrating some of his movies and celebrating other celebrities too. He is is also known for always encouraging his fans not to giveup on their struggles because hardwork pays.

AY like many other Nigerian entertainers rose from obscurity and poverty to before not just famous but also very influencial. He seems to be a man of big dreams as he often aspires to do something bigger than he had done before.

Fans are still very familiar with his popular AY Life comedy show that serves to feature upcoming talents in the comedy industry.

This explains why is much loved and followed on Instagram by many young Nigerians and veterans in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The happily married AY has been rewarded with a huge following for his people centred behavior.

When celebrities achieve a feat like AY has done, they quickly get nominations for awards that are international. It may also be a springboard to growing their international career. His success of reaching 8Million Instagram followers will also attract big brands that may strike deals with him to become their brand ambassador owing to his huge following.

Some fans has attributed his achievement to his new found interest in movie production which has given birth to movies like 30 Days in Atlanta, Merrymen among other trending movies that he directed and produced.

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