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Bobrisky: "Rubbish Virus, You Think You Can Stop Me From Slaying"

Bobrisky Slam coronavirus

"Rubbish virus, you think you can stop me from slaying, I will slay no matter what" were the words of controversial celebrity and crossdresser Bobrisky that made some of his fans to turn against him on Instagram. This is coming just days after Bobrisky claimed that only God can judge him.

Nigerians are living in fear as a result of the coronavirus infection which has ravaged the developed world. There are fears that the virus has just arrived in Nigeria and will soon start decking havoc too. In America alone close to 1000 deaths have been reported from the virus.

That is why Nigeria is facing a lockdown as ordered by the government. Public places have been closed including religious buildings. The panic is also in the media as many celebrities have come under serious pressures to support Nigerians in these difficult moments.

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That was why fans were angry that Bobrisky could make a joke out of the whole thing. Bobrisky bragged that he was not scared of the rubbish virus that has sent many celebrities to isolation. He even shared a new photo of himself well dressed for an outing.

Fans wondered why Bobrisky has not made plans to help his fans and other Nigerians in this difficult period. He was heavily criticized for sharing the photo and speaking with so much pride when many people are in hiding from the dreaded virus.

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Many of them insulted him, wishing that he gets affected by the virus so that he can feel the pains of others whose friends or families have been directly affected by the coronavirus.

However, some wondered which kind of party will be open at a time when people are indoors to avoid being infected by the deadly virus. Many people do not like Bobrisky but he has upset those who still follow him by his nonchalant attitude towards recent happenings.

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