Bobrisky - I Have Not Given Birth Yet, But Happy Mothers Day to Me

As the world celebrated mothers day on the 22nd of March, controversial celebrity Bobrisky took to Instagram to wish himself a happy mothers day. He shared that even though he is yet to give birth, he is a potential mother.

His post was viewed by some Nigerians as too odd because Bobrisky is a man who has chosen to live the rest of his life as a lady. He has changed the color of his skin and has undergone body enhancement.

In defending his claim of being a mother, he cited several instances where he assisted the needy and showed compassion to those who seek his assistant. Bobrisky considers those attributes as those of no other than a mother.

News of the celebrity claiming that he now has a lady's monthly flow also shocked many people that have been calling for his apprehension. Some even think that he is turning from bad to worse for toying with a sensitive issue like sexism in a highly traditional society like Nigeria.

Unlike the rejection which he faces from members of the public, Bobrisky has many celebrity friends such as actress Tonto Dikeh. In fact there are rumours that she master minded his body enhancement surgery in Dubai.

At the initial stage the argument was that he was just being funny to make ends meet, then  it graduated to he is promoting his fashion brand. Now, there are suspicions that he is a bisexual and by implications a gay.

Though he still has many followers on social media that he rewards with cash gifts for staying loyal to him, members of the public believe that his days are numbered in this controversial behaviour.

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