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Paychant Lets Merchants in Nigeria Accept Bitcoin and other Crypto Payments

A new method of online payment is coming every day as life goes on, now have a new payment Interswitch which will come powerful like quick teller very soon.

 Paychant, merchants and subscribing businesses will be able to accept payments in bitcoin and other digital currencies Paychant, the first-ever cryptocurrency payment gateway in Africa, announced that it has completed its suite of products that allow businesses to accept Bitcoin and Ether payments safely and securely.

“We acknowledge the volatility risk that is associated with cryptocurrency, it’s a serious issue in this space, but this will not affect merchants funds on our platform, as we have set in place crypto to fiat settlement system.

This system automatically converts all crypto payments into local currency (NGN) at the current rate of which the amount was received. So merchants get what they sell” the company explained. For merchants who want to be settled by bank transfer, we process payout to all the 22 commercial banks that are available in Nigeria, the transfer is initiated as per the merchant withdrawal request. There is also an option to be settled in cryptocurrency as well.

Currently, Paychant supports Bitcoin and Ether. In the second quarter of 2020, the developers plan to add more digital currency to the platform.

On the Paychant platform, there are ready-made tools to accept crypto payments without the need of having a website.
Merchants can create a simple payment page to accept Bitcoin and Ether as payment for services and subscriptions.

A ready-made e-commerce store to display and sell products.

Donation page to raise funds in Bitcoin and Ether.

Point-of-Sale (PoS) application that supports Bitcoin and Ether payments, this let merchant accept direct crypto payments in-store and in person. The Application is available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Playstore.

These tools are all ready to be used for quick crypto payment processing on the Platform.

For more information visit paychant website

Paychant is starting a trend that is unique from the perspective of Nigeria and our vision is to continue our work until we reach a stage where we will become a household name, a product of daily needs to people in Nigeria.

Paychant is a cryptocurrency payment gateway. Founded in 2019, the aim is to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency payment in Africa. 

the main purpose of building the platform is to find solutions where cryptocurrencies are spent like cash, a platform where businesses can offer cryptocurrency payment option to their customers. 

  their solutions make it easy for online businesses and traditional brick and mortar merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments anytime - anywhere 24/7/365 because it never closes. 

The gateway setup is almost effortless, payment transactions are processed in real-time, and merchants get payment in their preferred currency.

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