The next International starboy? Obsessed fans rock face mask to welcome Rema in a America

Rema and Fans
Don Jazzy’s newest signee, Rema was in America within the week and his fans over there rocked face masks to come to welcome him. Many at times, the fans in America that go crazy over Nigerians are Nigerians living in America. But the case was not the same as Rema. The obsessed fans who came to welcome Rema were Americans living in America.

The white-skinned youngsters all imitated Rema’s style by rocking the same kind of face mask that Rema rocks. He least expected to get that kind of welcome, especially being that he is fairly new on the music scene and has not played the music game long enough to have that kind of impact on his Nigerian fans, not to mention his American fans.

The young the singer was swept off his feet by the love he received over there, and fans are already imagining if he will ever get that kind of love from his fans in Nigeria. Rema won the “Next Rated” award at the 2019 Headies awards.

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