South Africans condemn the idea of hosting Burna Boy

The idea of bringing the “African Giant,” Burna Boy to South Africa for a concert next month does not go down well with the majority of South Africans. This is due to tweets by Burn Boy during the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians.

Back then, Burna Boy had promised never to set foot in South Africa again until the government of South Africa does something about their system of governance. Well, it’s barely two months now and the SA government has obviously not made the adjustments required by Burna Boy. However, the singer is already billed to perform in SA next month.

This has caused a measure stir online by South Africans who are all saying that Burna Boy better not step foot into their country just as Nigerians told South African rapper, Aka. After having threatened Aka’s life if he (Aka) ever set foot into Nigeria for a concert or anything like that, Burna Boy is now on the verge of going to South Africa for a concert.

South Africans have also threatened to unleash hell on Burna Boy if he steps foot into South Africa for that concert. Even Aka reacted saying; “I would love to attend this show and watch this man put his hands on me in my country.”