Border closure: Nigeria imports 1.1 million tonnes of onion annually

Despite being the second-largest producer of onions in Africa and Egypt combined, Nigeria imports 1.1 million tonnes of onion every year.

 According to Legit report the disclosure making of Border on Monday, October 28, the president of the regional observatory of the onion sector in West Africa, Mustapha Kahdiri, said the country needs a total of 2.5 million tonnes of onion yearly.

 Kahdiri at a meeting in Sokoto said the border closure by the federal government is a good one for onion farmers in Nigeria.

 Describing the decision to close the borders as a blessing to Nigeria, Khadiri said the closure will help the country become self-sufficient in the production of food crops.

 “The closure is now forcing farmers, especially onion farmers to produce enough for local consumption,” Khadiri said.

He also said the group would introduce Nigerian onion farmers to the best way of preserving the produce to avoid waste of the produce.

“We are planning to form a global body but this will not be achieved without having national leaders in Africa,” he said.

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