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Five things You might not know about Reekado Banks new song 'Rora'

Reekado banks explain what we don't know about in his new track "Rora" 

He reveal this during an outline with iHeartRadio when he ask to tell them what the dont know about his song Rora, this are the five things we don't know that happen to his current latest song "Rora"

ReekadoBanks stopped by to fill us in on five things you may not know about his new song, 'Rora'

 Reekado said this are the five things you may not know about his new song.

1.  the song is produce by two people ( 2 producer work on the song)
the two producer are Tuzi and Altims which work on his new song.

2. the song was Re-recorded more 100 times before getting the best (Original) out of it.
but at last he ended up using the first stake after some month, four month after according to him on twitter video outline with iHeartRadio.

3.  Another thing you might not know or notice  about the song is the guitar play in the song, the song has guitar sound in case if you did not notice it.

and the guitar was play by Femileye on that song "Rora"
4. this particular part of his statement got me thinking if the producer has something to do with the voice but Reekado state it clear that the second line was Nasty not him really, and the way it is I don't  think some people know if he has not said it.

5. this number five is a minor one and it is the last among the five, this particualr song RORA' is his favorite song.

this are the five things you don't know from Reekado Banks new Songs 'Rora'.

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