FG warn against killing of aquatic animals

The government of Nigerian has warned against animal killings,  especially those of rare species that wash ashore communities in various states across the country.

The residents of Ijaw kiri community, killed a whale in Bayelsa state, so the federal government followed it and give warning against of animal killings especially in various community across the country.

A report was made from Guardian  that Ibrahim Musa, the conservator general of the National Park Service, said the canonicalization of the whale was dangerous while speaking on the act.

He also called for a process of evacuation while lamenting that the 30 feet Whale is rare specie that is gradually going extinct.

Warning against feasting on such aquatic rare species, Musa urged relevant authorities to, always cordon off the area should any of such animals be found alive.

“The global acceptable practice is to call the appropriate authorities to assess the condition of the helpless whale, and help it back into its natural habitat," Musa said.

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