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I’ll publicly publish my monthly salary if i win the election – Banky-W

Olubankole Wellington, the candidate of the Modern Democratic Party (MDP), contesting for the Eti-Osa House of Representatives seat, has vowed to publish his earnings as a legislator if elected.

Nigerian singer turned politician, Banky-W has vowed to bring about the real change that is needed in Nigeria if elected as the Eti-Osa House of Representatives member. However, he will be doing this under the umbrella of the Modern Democratic Party (MDP), not the All Progressive Party (APC) who only propagated the change mantra.

Wellington, popularly called Banky W, made the announcement while speaking during a debate against four other candidates in Lagos on Monday, February 4, 2019.

The Modern Democratic Party (MDP) stated that he was burned with the glorious purpose of restoring lost political values that require restoration in order to get the Nigerian political system functioning again. His first port of call, as proposed by him, would be to drag his fellow leaders into living a life of trust and accountability with their followers.

According to him, if fate decides to favor him and he makes it to the House of Representatives as one of the members, he’ll publicly publish his salary and allowances as a legislator and be transparent in spending constituency allocations.

He said, “Most of us don’t know who our representatives are, talk less of their salary and allowances and constituency allocations that they receive every year most of the time to enrich themselves.

“How I plan to address it myself directly is first of all, I’ll publish what I earn as a legislator – my salary, my allowance, the allocation given to Eti-Osa, I will publish it.

“We will have town halls and an active constituency office to engage the community to say this is the allocation that we’ve received, this is what we intend to spend it on.”

The candidate slammed legislators who are only in the National Assembly to enrich themselves and vowed to be more accountable to lead a new era of accountability in governance in the country.

He proposed to do this by consulting regularly with the people. Viewing accountability as one of the major problems in the Nigerian political system, he is out to exemplarily bring about a change in that area, if and only if he’s voted in.

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